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Speech Therapy for

Children & Adults

Are you tired of not being able to pronounce words properly or do you suffer from some type of language disorder? Don’t despair any longer, visit our Speech Therapy in Ljubljana can help.

Children, Adults, and Elderly Groups

    Speech Therapy - Children

    At speech therapy, we determine the manner of their current state and implement the therapies in accordance with the expectations and needs of each child. We first determine the problem, that being simple pronunciations or something more serious like a disorder. From there we form a plan and start adapting it as we go along

    Field Work - Elderly

    This includes clinical speech therapies conducted at determined properties with a goal of helping patients overcome any neurogenic problems or aphasia. 

    Consultation - Family Therapy

    With certain disorders and aphasia, the process can be long and difficult so we offer consultation with families in order to prepare you and give you tools on how to aid in their recovery.

    Pedagogical Threatments

    Some children have specific learning difficulties that require help from a special pedagogy specialist. These treatments can be conducted individually or in the group. At our clinic your child can get that help.

    Monika Rataj,

    I want to help everyone who is struggling with speech barriers and disorders overcome them as fast as possible. My goal is to bring confidence in my patients lives and help them function normally

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    Our Mission Is to Help You Speak Better

    Many children have issues with pronunciation and other language barriers which can severely impact their adult life. While they are young these problems can be fixed much faster and easier due to their language learning process


    Experience & Results

    We were the first Speech Therapist practice in Slovenia opened all the way back in 2010


    Versatile Team

    We are a team of 3 speech therapists, psychologist, and pedagogy specialist


    Adults & Children

    Regardless if you are an adult or a child we will work with you to fix all speech disorder


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    Our team is here to help you and your family overcome any and all speech difficulties and allow you to enjoy life uninterrupted