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About Our Practice

We are the first private speech therapist in Slovenia. We have been operating since 2010. Founder and the head of the clinc is Monika Rataj, prof. defectology, speech therapist and surdopedagogy. We deal with the diagnosis and treatment of speech and language problems.

About Me

Monika Rataj, Speech Therapist.

You Deserve to Feel Great Speaking

Speech is what defines us as humans, without it we can’t function properly. I opened this clinic to allow people to fill complete, to overcome their disabilities and gain confidence in themselves

My Background

I am originally from a small town in the heart of Slovenia called Sevnica. From there I moved to Ljubljana and got my degree as a professor of defectology, speech therapy and surdopedagogy

My Approach & Philosophy

I do this work for love, to me, there is nothing better than a child who learns how to speak properly, or an elderly person who recovered lost speech. The way we articulate ourselves is what allows us to do all kinds of wonderful things in the world. I want to help everyone feel confident in their expressions

Welcome to Our Family Health Clinic

There are hearings for children, adolescents, and adults. Outpatient care includes speech, psychological and special pedagogical treatment of children with underdeveloped speech, speech and language retardation, articulation disorders, specific retardation in different areas of learning (dyslexia, dyscalculia), attention disorders, hyperactivity. Working with adults involves the diagnosis and treatment of people with brain injuries and voice interference.
Our didactic material is carefully selected and professionally adapted. The hearings are held regularly, according to the wishes and needs of the child, adolescent or adult. Work is carried out individually or in groups, within the school or full-time hours, and the treatments are adjusted to the age of the person. We also provide counseling and lectures for parents, kindergartens, schools, health care professionals and staff of elderly care facilities. Let us solve speech and language problems.

Meet Our Team

Monika Rataj

Prof. of Defectology,  Speech Therapist

Barbara Vogrinčič

Prof. of Rehabilitation Pedagogy and Speech Therapy for Children

Klara Trpkov

Specialist in Clinical Speech Therapy for both Adults and Elderly

Lara Šuštar

Master of Psychology, Counseling for Children and Adults


Experience & Results

We were the first Speech Therapist practice in Slovenia opened all the way back in 2010

Versatile Team

We are a team of 3 speech therapists, psychologist, and pedagogy specialist

Adults & Children

Regardless if you are an adult or a child we will work with you to fix all speech disorder

Same Day Appointments

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Reserve Online

Use our online reservation system and choose date and time that suits you the most

Fast Changes

We offer different schedules for those who want to improve their speech as quickly as possible

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Our team is here to help you and your family overcome any and all speech difficulties and allow you to enjoy life uninterrupted